International PR campaign for Australian fintech industry

In 2016, the Australian Government announced it would provide $200,000 to industry association FinTech Australia to promote the Australian fintech industry. StoryPower developed and ran this program on behalf of FinTech Australia.
The following outcomes were achieved.


  • A 534% (ie: six times) increase in monthly rate of international media coverage about the Australian fintech industry compared to previous 12 months

  • A 97% positive story sentiment (domestic and international)

  • Partnerships formed with media organisations to promote the Australian fintech awards (the 'Finnies') plus the Australian fintech festival ('Intersekt')

  • The Australian FinTech Voice external newsletter was created and published monthly to around 1,500 subscribers

  • A 160% increase in FinTech Australia social media visits, driven by more visual and engaging approach to content

  • Oversaw the design and publication of ecosystem map of Fintech Australia members, which received worldwide media and social media coverage

  • Oversaw the design and publication of 'year in review' infographic maps of the Australian fintech industry - which received worldwide social media attention (up to 400,000 impressions on Twitter) 

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