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It all starts with the right strategy


Every good communications initiative - large or small - needs to start with a strategy.

In most circumstances, this strategy needs to identify the key audience, message and tactics, after considering budgeting, resourcing and time constraints.

The strategy then needs strong project management during the implementation phase, usually in the face of strict and tight deadlines.

StoryPower has developed and implemented countless communication strategies for private and public sector clients. We can devise a strategy which fits most budgets and timeframes.

Find out about the strategies prepared for the Boao Forum for Asia and CeBIT 2016


Great content is at the heart of what we do

StoryPower is committed to producing great content for our clients.

In whatever form the content is produced, it needs to be engaging and authentic.

Today, there are so many exciting different forms of content - ranging from brochures, reports, fact sheets and blogs, right through to videos, websites, apps, infographics and animated presentations.

We can select the right content type for your needs and then write and project manage this content for you. Whatever is produced, we will ensure it looks great and, most importantly, tells a compelling story.

Click this link to see the varied types of great content we have delivered.   

Find out about how we can help with brochures, videos and animations


With former Premier Bob Carr as a reporter in 2005

Feeding and taming the media beast

A well-crafted and targeted free media campaign has the potential to give your organisation credibility and what’s more get your message out to a wide audience.


StoryPower’s founder Mark Skelsey has decades of experience when it comes to media outreach and knows what the media will like – and what it won’t.


He has worked as a major metropolitan journalist and as a media manager within government so he understands both how to prepare for both positive and negative media situations.

He knows how to develop the story angle and other visual cues which can help make your campaign a success. He also has strong contacts within the Australian media environment. Find some of Mark's media interviews here.

So get in touch with StoryPower when you want to reach out to the media.


Don't waste your event

The talks were stimulating and the guests had a great time learning new insights and networking. But who was capturing the key themes and making sure the take-home messages left a lasting legacy?

One thing's for sure - there is no way that people are going to watch hours and hours of video online. They want someone to summarise the event for them.

StoryPower can be your event story-teller.

StoryPower's founder Mark Skelsey has decades of experience as a writer and story-teller. He knows how to distil events into easy-to-access summaries, whether this involves writing blogs or preparing short videos or outcomes reports.

Make sure StoryPower is on the invite list for your next event.


StoryPower's founder Mark Skelsey help sell NSW to the world in a major economic co-operation conference

Quality marketing outcomes


Do you need cost-effective marketing supporting, without needing a new full-time resource?


We can help put together a clear launch or business plan, including defining messaging, audience and tactics. This may include developing a new website or social media channels, preparing new business development collateral packages or simply trying to attain free media attention.


We can also deliver ongoing marketing support – separately to any new launches - to allow you to concentrate on running your business. And we can do all of this without you needing a find a new part-time or full-time employee.


We can ensure your marketing outreach looks professional and builds your business.


Crafting compelling case studies

A well-crafted case study can be compelling and trust-building content, because it typically involves your customers or stakeholders explaining how they benefitted from your work.

However, preparing a case study usually involves more than simply throwing a camera into front of a person and asking them to talk. They need to have a great story flow and include interesting visual and human content.

We are experts in crafting great case studies, whether written or visual, as part of broader communication campaigns. We know how to project manage and deliver case studies so they look spectacular.

See how we told the story about how a major organisation is helping its disabled employees


Build your online community

Social media plays such a powerful role in today’s communications world.

The latest Sensis Social Media Report 2016 reveals:

  • Australians are now spending more than half a day per week (12.5 hours) on Facebook alone, up four hours from 2015

  • Nearly half of small businesses and 80 per cent of larger businesses are on social media

  • There is a definite skew towards more visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for 18 to 29 year olds, and LinkedIn and Google+ for 40 to 49 year olds.


As can be seen from the above, different platforms are used by different audiences.


However, one rule is clear – content is king.


We can help create and build your social media community and ensure that your channels contain interesting and compelling content.